Block War: The Game
Block War: The Game
"Kickstarter campaign is underway for Judge Dredd miniatures game"

Ever wanted to do battle on the streets of Mega-City One? Now’s your chance, with the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter!

Whether you’re a Dredd fan or a gamer, you could be part of this exciting new development of the Judge Dredd miniatures game – creating new figures from citizens to Citi-Def soldiers, street Judges to Pat Wagons!

The game features a completely free to download rulebook and has been running with the support of its fans for two years. It is a 28mm skirmish-level science fiction miniatures game based on the iconic 2000 AD comic strip where players take a force or faction from Mega-City One and prepare to do battle on the streets!

So, why does this need your help?

There is a huge list of models requested by fans of the game, including everything from a Sov Invasion Force to the Dark Judges! They will all be playable in the game with rules provided in Block War but Mongoose Publishing is a small company and can only bring out a few models at a time. However, with your help, they will be able to bring out models on a more regular basis and be more ambitious with them, keeping the Judge Dredd miniatures game fresh and interesting, as gamers will always have new enemies to fight on the tabletop!

To this end, there is a variety of pledge levels that will either get you into the Judge Dredd miniatures game for the first time, or encourage you to expand your forces, along with the odd unique collector’s item.

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Michael Molcher

Thursday 27th September 2012