Monday 21st September 2015
2000 AD acquires Ian Edginton and D'Israeli's 'Scarlet Traces'
2000 AD has acquired the rights to Scarlet Traces by Ian Edginton and Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker. The legendary British comics publisher has secured the global rights for the series, its sequel The Great Game, and its prequel – the pair’s ... [read on]
Friday 18th September 2015
The Thrill-Cast talks Jeagir with Rennie, Coleby, and O'Grady
This week on the official 2000 AD podcast, we talk to writer Gordon Rennie, artist Simon Coleby, and colourist Len O'Grady about Jaegir, the hit new series set in the world of Rogue Trooper that has just had its first collection released in the UK and US. Rennie and ... [read on]
Tuesday 15th September 2015
2000 AD Thrill-Cast 'Best Arts Podcast' in UK!
The official 2000 AD podcast has won 'Best Arts Podcast' at the UK Podcast Awards! On Saturday 12th September, the UK’s first and only podcast awards ceremony took place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, as part of the New Media Europe conference. ... [read on]
Monday 14th September 2015
The 2000 AD Years Vol.1 available to pre-order now!
The first ever collection of the never-before-reprinted tales of Dan Dare from the pages of 2000 AD is now available to pre-order! 2000AD is also very happy to unveil a webshop exclusive limited edition, which comes with a reproduction of the Dan Dare Poster Magazine... [read on]
Thursday 10th September 2015
2000 AD to publish Goldtiger in March 2016
It’s the secret history of the greatest comic of the 1960s that you’ve never heard of. But it’s also a Kickstarter success story, a time-capsule of one of the most exciting and fertile periods in comics, and an entirely new departure for 2000 AD.... [read on]
Wednesday 9th September 2015
She's the bad guy.
Every good war tale needs baddies. But usually we only hear one side of their story – until now. Gordon Rennie and Simon Coleby’s Jaegir flips the coin on one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters, Rogue Trooper, to bring you the untold stories from ... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd September 2015
From 2000 AD to Fury Road!
From George Miller’s pre-storyboarding ritual to the real-life drugs that inspired the War Boys’ chrome spray, the new 2000 AD Thrill-Cast looks at the surprising links between the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and the hit movie of 2015. In a bumper episo... [read on]
Tuesday 25th August 2015
The Dark Judges return in Dreams of Deadworld
It started with an artist’s dream and now the nightmare of the Dark Judges’ early days is coming to 2000 AD. Artist Dave Kendall was inspired by a haunting dream to create his own versions of John Wagner and Brian Bolland’s classic Judge Death, Judg... [read on]
Friday 14th August 2015
Judge Dredd novels hit Amazon!
While 2000 AD is normally quite busy printing words WITH pictures, during the halcyon days of the 1990s Judge Dredd actually had his very own series of novels, published through Virgin Books. Long since out of print, we’re very pleased to be bringing these forg... [read on]
Wednesday 1st July 2015
Bundle deals launch new 2000 AD app for Apple devices
2000 AD has unleashed its brand new stand-alone app for Apple devices – and loaded with new back issue bundle deals! Previously published through Apple’s Newsstand service, the new app includes all the comics, collections, specials, and freebies previousl... [read on]