First Among Earthlets!
First Among Earthlets!
"The winners of the coveted first Krill Tro Thargo awards announced!"
It is the ultimate accolade. The highest achievement. A feat to trump all other.

The Krill Tro Thargo.

All loyal readers are known as ‘Squaxx dek Thargo’, or ‘Friends of Tharg’, but few achieve the this most high level of praise from the all-powerful editor of 2000 AD.

The Krill Tro Thargo award has long been coveted by readers of 2000 AD as the ultimate accolade awarded by Tharg the Mighty himself to those earthlets whose work to spread the word of Thrill-power has reached levels above and beyond the call of duty. Previously awarded through the letters page of 2000 AD, the title has taken on new life as a physical award!

The Nerve Centre is hereby proud to announce the winners of the first ever Krill Tro Thargo awards:

Grant Goggans
For his tireless promotion of Thrill-power in the US and for his dedication in encouraging comic book stores therein to stock the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Earthlet Goggins is hereby awarded a Krill Tro Thargo.

Rich McAuliffe at Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD
Amongst the many millions of sites on the work-displacement activity you earthlets call ‘The Internet’, one stands out for its commitment to not merely dwelling on the past of 2000 AD but for promoting all that is best about Tharg’s mighty organ now, including up-to-the-minute reviews of new stories, and for spreading the word of Thrill-power. The founder of the site, Rich, has therefore won himself a Krill Tro Thargo!

The Emperor
Who is that mysterious man, you ask? Some say he is a moderator of the 2000 AD online forum, the creator of the 2000 AD Tumblr account, and all-round technical guru. Other say he is a guy with a beard. Maybe they’re all right. Either way, for his devotion to 2000 AD’s cause has earned him the highest accolade.

Congratulations to the winners. To those who have failed to live up to the expectations placed before you by The Mighty Tharg – do better!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 22nd November 2011