Bubble, bubble, toil and zombie trouble!
Bubble, bubble, toil and zombie trouble!
"Titus Defoe returns in this ghoulish graphic novel!"
The City of London. 1644. It has been three years since a passing comet caused the Great Fire and birthed the flesh-hungry undead hordes who roam the city and prey on the living.

Titus Defoe is a former ‘Leveller’ radical who once fought against the Crown, but he now dispatches legions of ‘Reeks’ in the King’s name – but can he and his ‘Dirty Dozenne’ of misfits and ne’erdowells overcome the fiendish plans of the Queen of Zombies and her master, the mysterious Mene Tekel?

First, they must take on the Diabolonians – nine horrific ‘super reeks’ who lurk in dank passageways – before uncovering the rotten secret at the heart of Charles II’s government.

A breathtaking mixture of murderous zombie hordes, gory ultra-violence, politics and satire, Defoe is the latest stand-out character from ‘the godfather of British comics’, Pat Mills. Rendered in gruesome chiaroscuro by Leigh Gallaghar, Defoe: Queen of the Zombies is a bloody, rotting, witty, phantasmagorical riot through Olde London Town and the perfect Hallowe’en present for the zombie fan in your life!

Michael Molcher

Thursday 20th October 2011