Too cool to kill?
Too cool to kill?
"2000 AD’s ‘ultimate rogue’ blasts his way to America"
America! Now might be a good time to lock up your daughters – because Nikolai Dante is here!

The ultimate rogue is set to blast from the pages of legendary comic book 2000 AD® into the USA with a brand new collection of his first adventures – Nikolai Dante: Too Cool to Kill

Writer Robbie Morrison and artist Simon Fraser’s epic sci-fi adventure features one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters – a swashbucklin’, lady-lovin’, authority-defyin’ ne’er-do-well with a winning grin, a taste for danger and alien technology that can turn his hands into weaponry!

In a story that is at its core very familiar to Americans – a rogue who turns revolutionary – Dante’s story has taken him from seducing countesses to leading rebellions.

This month, American readers will have the chance to read Dante’s exploits from the very beginning, with this US-only edition bringing his first exploits together in a stunningly cool collection.

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Michael Molcher

Wednesday 20th July 2011