Win a Judge badge with YOUR name on!
Win a Judge badge with YOUR name on!
"You be the Judge with this exclusive prize!"
He may be getting on a bit, but his aim’s as sharp as ever and those bionic eyes sure don’t miss a thing – this weekend marks Judge Joe Dredd’s 35th birthday!

Yes, Ol’ Stony Face has been dishing out the beatings for three and a half decades since his first appearance in Prog 2 of 2000 AD. John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s creation is due to hit screens later this year in Dredd, with Karl Urban donning the helmet (and not taking it off).

To celebrate this epic milestone for the Lawman of the Future, we are offering you the chance to become a Judge on the mean streets of Mega-City One, with your own customised Judge badge!

Thanks to our friends at Planet Replicas, you could win a Judge badge with YOUR name on it! Be the envy of your friends as you take on lawbreakers and dispense justice with the shield of law! This fully licensed badge (Tharg’s example shown above) is realistically sized and ready to be attached to the garment of your choice or proudly displayed in your domicile!

For your chance to win, just fill in your name and e-mail address, then answer the very simple question below.

Competition Closed, Creep!

Michael Molcher

Thursday 15th March 2012