Creator of 2000 AD honoured by university for his role in British comics
Creator of 2000 AD honoured by university for his role in British comics
"The Godfather of British Comics..."
The man behind legendary comic book 2000 AD® is already well qualified to comment on the future of British comics – and now it's official.

Pat Mills, dubbed 'The Godfather of British Comics' for his work on 2000 AD and many other titles, has been made a 'Visiting Professor in the School of Arts' by the University of Liverpool in recognition of his work in British comics.

The appointment follows his current involvement as a consultant to a new private/public incubation initiative at the university called SUBVERSION, where he is working on new multi-media projects as well as being due to give talks on graphic novels to students.

Pat said:
"Once I'd got over all the blushing and the obvious 'prof' jokes from my partner and friends, there's one thing in particular about this that delights me: the appointment is intended to help raise the profile of British comics, British creators and what we can achieve in the comic media in Britain.

"For too long we've been in the shadow of American comics as well as being rather looked down upon as an art form in the UK - certainly by comparison with France. As a result, we have run the risk of losing our very British comic identity.

"So if this enhances the public image of important series like Charley's War, comics like 2000 AD, and also my forthcoming graphic novels with Clint Langley for British-based Repeat Offenders Ltd., that's got to be a good thing for our industry. The Repeat Offenders novels commence with American Reaper - a science fiction cop drama beautifully imagined by Clint. I think it will show just what we can do with the graphic novel art form when British creators are in the driving seat.

"It's fantastic that the University of Liverpool supports British comics in this way and my thanks to everyone there who made it happen."

Michael Molcher

Monday 7th March 2011