I Am The Draw!
I Am The Draw!
"New 2000 AD sketch books revealed – exclusive to SDCC12!"
With hundreds of comic book artists attending, San Diego is undoubtedly the place to get some cool sketches from your favourite scribblers.

And what better way to ensure your art is safe, than using Tharg’s SDCC-exclusive 2000 AD Official 35th Anniversary Sketch Book!

Guarded by the lawman of the future himself, and featuring zarjaz cover art by Brendan McCarthy and Steve Cook, as well as endpaper art by Chris Weston, these Protecting Art Devices (or PAD for short) are guaranteed to defend your precious sketches from Thrillsuckers of all types.

Make sure you get to Booth 2806 early to secure your PAD for posterity!

Michael Molcher

Friday 6th July 2012