"The squid hits the fan as Prog 1758 hits UK stores!"
It’s yet another Prog Day, earthlets – form an orderly queue as Tharg the Mighty dishes out the Thrill-powered treats!

Mass murdering mastermind PJ Maybe has kidnapped mayoral wannabe Tony Blore and has … very special plans for him in this week’s ‘Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos’ by John Wagner and Henry Flint.

A purple monstrosity is breaking through dimensions and Ampney Crucis is in urgent need of help – will anyone hear his plea in 'The English Assassin' by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis?

In Indigo Prime ‘Anthropocalypse’ by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell, Doctor Raymond Marsh is being forced out of retirement to find a lost sceneshifter, marooned in a toxic reality - but in an infinite number of alternative dimensions, which one is he in?

Double-crossing fixer Tony discovers the hard way that Maggie Roth isn’t the only Angel trained as the ultimate killing machine in ‘Angel Zero’ by Kek-W and John Burns.

And Aimee Dixon has a choice to make – kill Dirty Frank and continue her rise within the Yakuza or sacrifice everything to save her old boss? ‘Low Life: The Deal’ by Rob Williams and D’Israeli continues…

Prog 1758. £2.25. Out today in UK stores and on 16th November in North America.

Roll up, roll up and get your weekly fix, earthlets...

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 2nd November 2011