Wednesday 27th March 2013
Minty is the law!
After years of effort and many thousands of free man-hours, and ahead of the launch of the film for free online, the team behind the not-for-profit Judge Dre... [read on]
Monday 14th January 2013
Judgement has come
It’s finally here, citizens – grab your chance to own the butt-kicking comic book adaptation of 2012 on Blue-Ray and DVD. Karl Urban is the lawman of the future in DREDD 3D, taking on the brutal drugs clan of Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) with his rooki... [read on]
Friday 21st September 2012
D-Day for North America!
Today’s the day, Earthlets! After smashing the UK, DREDD 3D is now debuting on movie screens across North America! Already a #1 hit in the UK on its opening weekend (and the first 18-certificate film to top the charts for two years!), DREDD... [read on]
Thursday 13th September 2012
She is the Law!
Just in case you have managed to miss the news, DREDD 3D is the #1 movie in the UK and is preparing to storm theatres in America and worldwide September 21st! Squaxx dek Thargo and critics alike are raving about this action masterpiece. Aside from Old... [read on]
Thursday 6th September 2012
The wait is over - DREDD 3D hits UK screens today!
The wait is now over, Earthlets! DREDD 3D is in cinemas across the UK! Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby’s Judge Anderson take on Lena Headey’s murderous gangleader in this Alex Garland-scripted gorefest that truly earns its 18 certificate! The British production... [read on]
Thursday 12th July 2012
This is the Law
The press' reaction to the new DREDD movie starring Karl Urban has been universally positive, while the queue at San Diego Comic ... [read on]
Thursday 5th July 2012
The Law comes to London
With DREDD 3D hitting screens in barely two months, Earthlets will get the chance to hear the screenwriter, producers, and lead actor in their own words. This weekend’s London Film and Comic Con at Olympia Grand Hall is hosting a very special DREDD panel with writer Alex Garla... [read on]
Tuesday 3rd July 2012
What would you do to see DREDD 3D?
... [read on]
Monday 11th June 2012
Judgement is coming!
September couldn’t come soon enough, but Earthlets excited about the impending release of the new DREDD movie have had their first glimpse of the official movie poster. Showing the eponymous lawman semi-shrouded in darkness, the poster gives the first look at ... [read on]
Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Happy birthday 2000 AD - from Simon Pegg and a special guest!
2000 AD's influence spans far and wide, Earthlets - even all the way to Hollywood! Squaxx Dek Thargo extraordinaire Simon Pegg, star Shaun of the Dead and Paul, has sent the Nerve Centre a special birthday message from the set of the latest Star Trek film. A big fan of 2000 AD, ... [read on]
Tuesday 7th February 2012
Meet Judge Bod!
As the world prepares to see Dredd on the big screen, with Karl Urban as the eponymous lawman, we return to a by-gone age to see Dredd’s first appearance on TV … or is it? A cunning YouTube mash-up sees Judge Dredd mixed with children’s TV show Bod. The show, originally cr... [read on]
Friday 22nd July 2011
Dredd movie release date revealed!
The date of the movie release has been announced: 21 September 2012!... [read on]
Saturday 22nd January 2011
Movie News!
This is an exclusive shot from the new Dredd movie, taken during rehearsals ahead of filming in South Africa. It shows Karl Urban wearing the iconic uniform of Judge Dredd and brandishing his lawgiver!... [read on]