2000AD Covers Uncovered - Manhunt?

A look at the Neil Robert's wonder cover for Prog 1991

8 months ago

Long time readers of the good old 2000AD Covers Uncovered Blog will know that Neil Roberts, cover artist of Prog 1991, has been a long time contributor and friend of the site. Easily one of Tharg's more aesthetically pleasing models, the Roberts droid is famed for going to great lengths to actually pose for his covers before undertaking them, often with hilarious results! Follow the link to see some examples of his earlier modelling work!

It's ironic that the master of disguise Roberts droid was chosen for this cover as it launches the brand new Judge Dredd thriller 'Ladykiller', featuring the notorious, chameleon-like PJ Maybe! Neil said "This one was very straightforward I'm afraid! No selfies or anything like that!" (Drat! - Pete) "The brief was to have Dredd roaring down the road with H-Wagons and more in support..."

Neil is a past master at rendering the Lawmaster, providing stunning covers for Mongoose Publishing and, of course, Prog 1659, both shown below...

The Iso-Block 666 day release to the model village was always popular...

Ohhh, it'll be nightmare to get those stains out!

Neil continues "I sent a thumbnail to Tharg for approval, he liked it and I painted it from there! Here's the thumbnail sketch..."

As you can see, those big wobbly things go past the green stuff with the big blobby things in the sky. A solid concept...

Neil continues "The colour scheme was based on a classic 2000AD Monthly cover from way back (black sky, white road, green buildings - real 4 colour process stuff..."

"Last one to the Grand Hall is a Rookie!"

That four colour scheme will have most likely have been painted by 2000AD legend Tom Frame who, as well as lettering a huge number of 2000AD strips, coloured many classic covers of yesteryear. Check out Steve Cook's excellent Secret Oranges blog to see more of Tom's handy work. Also, here are the inks of this classic cover...

"Jovus! It was only an overdue library slug!"

Neil continues "Here is the finished piece as sent to Tharg for his droids to work their magic on..."

The re-vamp of Top Gear contained even less humour than it's 21st century forerunner...

So there you have it, the making of this modern classic. Will Dredd get his er... man? If so, what will be the cost to the city? Find out in the Galaxy's greatest!

Huge thanks to Neil for once again providing some excellent images and commentary!