Wednesday 9th November 2011
Two-fisted Thrills!
It’s a Thrill-power double whammy today, earthlets… First up is 2000 AD Prog 1759 ... £2.25 ... all good stockists in the UK from today and North American stores from 23rd November. There’s trouble brewing in a Petri dish for Mega-City O... [read on]
Wednesday 9th November 2011
Get lost in an amazing, fantastical world
A comic book, a fantastical nightmare, a story of redemption, a work of art: Mazeworld is the most stunning graphic novel you will read this year... Even in a title known for stretching boundaries, Mazeworld remains one of the most stunningly inventive and breathtaking stories e... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Every master has his apprenticeship...
Before Watchmen, before V for Vendetta and before From Hell – the earliest works of the master of the comic book form, Alan Moore, are being brought together in a brand new collection. The most famous and celebrated writer in contemporary comics, Moore’s work redefined comic... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Black Hawk
From ancient Rome to outer space: the adventures of one of the first, and certainly the most unique, black lead characters in British comic books is being collected for the first time. Black Hawk was a Nubian slave who rose up against his Roman masters, only for... [read on]
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
It’s yet another Prog Day, earthlets – form an orderly queue as Tharg the Mighty dishes out the Thrill-powered treats! Mass murdering mastermind PJ Maybe has kidnapped mayoral wannabe Tony Blore and has … very special plans for him in this week’s ‘Judge Dredd: Day of C... [read on]
Wednesday 26th October 2011
Flight of Angels
Praise be to Tharg the Mighty, earthlets – your seven day thrill-power fast is now at an end as Prog 1757 hits UK stores. Things are heating up in ‘Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos’ by John Wagner and Henry Flint, when PJ Maybe puts the electoral candidates in th... [read on]
Tuesday 25th October 2011
Legends of the law
2000 AD® has launched its first ebook collection of interviews with some of the biggest names in the comic book industry. This first collection includes a three-part interview with the co-creator of Judge Dredd, Carlos Ezquerra, as well as p... [read on]
Thursday 20th October 2011
Bubble, bubble, toil and zombie trouble!
The City of London. 1644. It has been three years since a passing comet caused the Great Fire and birthed the flesh-hungry undead hordes who roam the city and prey on the living. Titus Defoe is a former ‘Leveller’ radical who once fought against the Crown, but he now dispatc... [read on]
Wednesday 12th October 2011
A Loaded Magazine!
Five high-explosive slugs of organ-rupturing Thrill-power, Prog 1755 powers into stores today like a bullet from a Lawgiver. ‘Day of Chaos’ continues for Judge Dredd, courtesy of John Wagner and Henry Flint, as the mayoral elections rumble closer and PJ Mayb... [read on]
Tuesday 11th October 2011
Great stories come in small packages
One of the greatest Judge Dredd stories ever told in the pages of 2000 AD® is being repackaged – but even a pocket-sized judge still packs a punch! With the 35th anniversary of Dredd’s first appearance taking place in the same year that Karl Urban is set to bring the Law... [read on]