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Tuesday 31st May 2011
Cover Story: Alan Moore's Future Shocks
2000 AD® has unveiled the phantasmagorical cover for the first US collection of short stories by perhaps the greatest living comic book writer, Alan Moore. The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks collects the first work by the Bard of Northampton for 2000 AD i... [read on]
Thursday 26th May 2011
Dress for Justice!
2000 AD® is proud at announce new classic Judge Dredd T-shirt designs with artwork from two of the greatest artists to have ever drawn the Lawman of the Future! The dark blue design features Judge Dredd on his Lawmaster bike from the seminal epic, The Apocalypse War, by Dred... [read on]
Monday 23rd May 2011
Cover Story: Tharg's Terror Tales
Move over Crypt Keeper - there's a new master of horror in town! Tharg the Mighty, alien editor of British institution 2000 AD®, prepares to send chills down your spine in this special US-only Hammer Horror-influenced cover by Batman artist, Frazer Irving. ... [read on]
Thursday 19th May 2011
Don't be a mug - obey the law!
A top-quality mug lovingly wrapped in classic Judge Dredd artwork from one of the greats of 2000 AD® - the latest merchandise from The House of Tharg is perfect for sitting back and sipping your synthi-caff! This limited edition Mega-City One Justice Department-approved beve... [read on]
Monday 9th May 2011
Move over, Conan - Sláine's coming to the US
It's the comic book that changed comic books forever - exquisite painted artwork and imaginative characters creating a breathtaking showcase of the new direction of adult storytelling in comics. Twenty-one years ago, Pat Mills and Simon Bisley's Sláine: The Horned God too... [read on]
Wednesday 4th May 2011
Get your trousers on, Lucifer - you're nicked!
Dying of cancer, combating demons and swigging from a bottle of laudanum - Inspector Harry Absalom ain't exactly Inspector bloody Morse. Mixing The Sweeney with The X-Files, Absalom is the latest dark tale from Necronauts writer Gordon Rennie, brought to gritty life with artwork... [read on]
Tuesday 26th April 2011
The greatest creators take on the greatest lawman of them all
With art by some of the top creators working in the comics industry today, Mega-City Masters 3... [read on]
Monday 18th April 2011
25 years young - meet Alan Moore's greatest heroine: Halo Jones
Twenty-five years to the day since Alan Moore's stunning space opera, The Ballad of Halo Jones, came to an end, American audiences can now enjoy this all-time classic from an indisputable comic book legend - along with extra material exclusive for the US. A must-have in Moore's ... [read on]
Wednesday 13th April 2011
The Walking Dredd?
Judge Dredd has always been a comic book with bite – but has the future lawman bitten off more than he can chew when he meets The Walking Dead?! Out on a mission in The Cursed Earth, Dredd gets bitten by a zombie... but the consequences are not what you'd expect! Based on a co... [read on]
Monday 14th March 2011
Bryan Talbot returns to 2000 AD
Twenty-five years after he last drew Judge Dredd for legendary comic book 2000 AD®, award-winning British artist Bryan Talbot is to return to Mega City One - and he's bringing the family with him! A firm fan favourite for his work on Nemesis the Warlock, the... [read on]