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Friday 22nd July 2011
SDCC latest - Mongrol comes alive at San Diego!
Earthlets attending the San Diego Comic Con got the chance to see for themselves the 3A Mongrol figure! Debuting at the IDW stand, the fully-articulated figure from the ABC Warriors smushed its way into the spotlight. For more details, visit the 3A website at ... [read on]
Friday 22nd July 2011
Dredd movie release date revealed!
The date of the movie release has been announced: 21 September 2012!... [read on]
Wednesday 20th July 2011
Mark Millar Dredd among forgotten gems from the archives
Judge Dredd: The Restricted Files collects together for the very first time the one-off stories from annuals and specials from the past three decades, many of which have never been reprinted before. The latest volume, The Restricted Files 03 includes work from Mark Mill... [read on]
Wednesday 20th July 2011
Too cool to kill?
America! Now might be a good time to lock up your daughters – because Nikolai Dante is here! The ultimate rogue is set to blast from the pages of legendary comic book 2000 AD® into the USA with a brand new collection of his first adventure... [read on]
Thursday 14th July 2011
2000 AD coming to SDCC!
The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic is preparing to spread thrill-power to the world’s biggest comic book convention next week – 2000 AD is headed for San Diego Comic Con 2011! Tharg the Mighty’s minions – editor Matt Smith, graphic novels editor Keith Richard... [read on]
Monday 11th July 2011
New 'zarjaz' look for
The legendary British anthology comic, due to celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, has rebooted its website with new features, including: new digital versions of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine available to buy b... [read on]
Tuesday 21st June 2011
The best thrills come in threes!
Three-part, self-contained stories, Tharg's 3rillers debut in Prog 1740, hitting shops in the UK on 29 June and the US in the 2000 AD June pack from Diamond. The first 3riller is The Silver-Tongued Exploits of Cosmo Nibs, written by Tom Eglington and drawn by Hitman and The Boys... [read on]
Monday 20th June 2011
Kingdom: Comics with BITE!
Genetically engineered dog soldiers fighting giant insects in a post-apocalyptic landscape - New York Times best seller Dan Abnett and Richard Elson's high-octane hit Kingdom: The Promised Land is hitting US stores this week! Charged by the urgings of their Masters, the pack led... [read on]
Monday 20th June 2011
New deal for 2000 AD character replicas
Award-winning British comic 2000 AD® is delighted to announce Planet Replicas has been granted a licence to produce replica props taken straight from the worlds of 2000 AD's most famous characters - including Judge Dredd. Soon fans of Dredd, Judge Anderson, ... [read on]
Friday 3rd June 2011
Jesus Returns!
Veteran 2000 AD® artist, Jesus Redondo, is returning to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic for the first time in more than a decade. As announced at the recent Bristol Comics Expo, the Spanish artist - best known for his work on Book Two of Nemesis the Warlock for 2000 AD and The M... [read on]