Friday 16th September 2011
Must be talking to an Angel...
This week’s 2000 AD Prog 1751 marks the return of writer Kek-W to the pages of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic Book with his latest Thrill Angel Zero. Kek-W is joined on the story by artist John Burns to tell a science fiction tale centring on Maggie McNulty, a seemingly ordina... [read on]
Thursday 15th September 2011
New merchandise gets the ‘Tharg the Mighty’ stamp of approval!
The deal gives Titan a three-year worldwide licence to produce 2000 AD-based products, including T-shirts, hoodies, travel pass holders, giftware and homeware. These products will focus on characters across 2000 AD’s pantheon from 35 years of high-octane SF and fantasy thrills... [read on]
Tuesday 13th September 2011
2000 AD Prog 1751
The world managed to survive the unleashing of the epic Prog 1750 last week, earthlets – but can it survive just Thrill-powered heights again?! Let’s hope so, because Prog 1751 hits UK stores TODAY and contains a blistering array of pulsating thrills, including the brand new... [read on]
Tuesday 13th September 2011
If you take out a subscription to 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, this scrotnig B-format book of classic Future Shock stories mined direct from the Thrill-archives is yours for free*. Featuring never-before-collected strips from creators such as Grant Morrison, Brian Bollan... [read on]
Monday 12th September 2011
Low Life Interview
Following on from last year’s ‘Hostile Takeover’, in which we saw Frank’s life torn apart as the Wally Squad of the Low Life in Mega City One was decommissioned, ‘The Deal’ finds Frank back in uniform and back in trouble. To find out more about what madness is in sto... [read on]
Thursday 8th September 2011
I'm sorry, I thought you knew ... God’s dead.
“I’m sorry, I thought you knew ... God’s dead.” New to Indigo Prime? Get your FREE history lesson here... Prog 1750 hits newsstands in the UK today, with the glorious return of John Smi... [read on]
Thursday 8th September 2011
Want to get onboard with the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic but don’t know when to start? Prog 1750 is the perfect jumping on point for those new to Thrill-power or old acolytes looking to return. This issue, available in the UK TODAY and the US next month, include... [read on]
Wednesday 24th August 2011
Flesh: The Dino File
Flesh: The Dino Files ISBN: 978-1-907992-26-1 £15.99 272 pages Available from 15th September on Amazon or through the 2000 AD online shop Saddle up, check your six-shooters and prepare for life in the C... [read on]
Wednesday 24th August 2011
2000 AD Prog 1748
2000 AD prog 1748 hits newsstands today! The plot thickens in Judge Dredd as the judges desperately hunt for those behind the growing deadly conspiracy , Savage takes a stroll at the sea-side (just a shame about the all those Volgs trying to kill him), trigger-h... [read on]
Friday 12th August 2011
Hunted: Arthur Wyatt interviewed
This week’s 2000 AD Prog 1746 marks the opening episode of Wolves, the third and final of the first batch of Tharg’s new 3rillers. Set in a dystopian future, ‘Wolves’ teams up 2000 AD veterans Arthur Wyatt and Steve Yeowell, to tell a tale of enhanced soldiers fighting a... [read on]