Wednesday 2nd May 2012
The Dark Judges go day-and-date digital!
They are Judges Fear, Fire, and Mortis, and THEY ARE HERE … in digital! To celebrate the zarjaz return of the Dark Judges to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Tharg the Mighty has generously allowed his droids to specially upload Prog 1781 TODAY, mean... [read on]
Tuesday 1st May 2012
Celebrate the return of the Dark Judges by wearing your rotten, undead heart on your sleeve – or rather, your chest! Three scrotnig new T-shirts featuring the ghafflebette art of Henry Flint have been released to mark the return of Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis!... [read on]
Tuesday 1st May 2012
They are here!!
They’re here! So fear! Your end is probably near! The teasers teased and the fans debated, but the waiting is over and the anticipation has paid off. Yes, the Dark Judges have returned to 2000 AD – and the prelude to the Day of Chaos ratchets up a notch. With a s... [read on]
Wednesday 25th April 2012
We can be heroes...
The new issue of Comic Heroes comes on sale this Wednesday, and includes a great feature on everyone’s favourite rogue – Nikolai Dante! Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser talk to the mag about bringing the tale of the Russian adventurer and ne’er-do-well to a clos... [read on]
Wednesday 25th April 2012
Write Judge Dredd. Get printed. Win a Lawgiver!
Prose fiction was a staple of the 2000 AD and Judge Dredd annuals and specials over the years – in fact you can download right now from Amazon a Kindle edition of Sweet Justice, a collection of past Dredd and Anderson stories by the likes of Neil Gaiman, Peter Milligan, A... [read on]
Wednesday 25th April 2012
PSI: Mega-City One
Every judge must earn their stripes, and even the greatest psychic in Mega-City One was young once! Cassandra Anderson is back as a fresh faced cadet in Cadet Anderson Psi-Divison: Algoe Part One by Alan Grant, with art by Steve Yeowell and Eva De La Cruz. It'... [read on]
Tuesday 24th April 2012
Prepare for aural overload, Earthlets – DROKK is on its way! The album by Portishead founder Geoff Barrow and composer Ben Salisbury is their musical take on the world of Judge Dredd and the record company Invada UK is offering an exclusive chance to pre-order the D... [read on]
Thursday 19th April 2012
He is the Rogue Trooper!
ROGUE TROOPER: Tales of Nu-Earth 01 Written by: Gerry Finley-Day, Alan Moore Art by: Dave Gibbons, Colin Wilson, Brett Ewins, Cam Kennedy, Eric Bradbury, Mike Dorey ISBN: 978-1-907992-70-4 Prices: US $19.99/Canada $22.99 Pages: 400 BATTLE BEGINS ON 15TH ... [read on]
Wednesday 18th April 2012
Ride of the Reptoids!
Yee-haw! Ride ‘em … er … dinoboys?! Flesh takes a turn for the weird as a band of gun-weilding dinos on horseback take on Trans-Time’s team in Midnight Cowboys by Pat Mills and James McKay. Meanwhile, as riots kick off all over Mega-City One, the searc... [read on]
Thursday 12th April 2012
2000 AD hits C2E2 this weekend!
2000 AD is making its first appearance at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend! 2000 AD is delighted to be working with Super-Fly Comics & Games, who are the event’s OFFICIAL 2000 A... [read on]