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Tuesday 19th June 2012
This is the end...beautiful friend
After 14 years, "Sympathy For The Devil" marks the final tale in the epic saga of Nikolai Dante. Created in 1997 by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, Nikolai Dante made his debut appearance in 2000 AD Prog #1035, and for over 15 yea... [read on]
Tuesday 12th June 2012
They are here - on your wall!
They came. They saw. They burnt/rotted/terrified! As John Wagner has systematically thrown everything at the Big Meg in Day of Chaos, the return of the Dark Judges to the world of Judge Dredd was the most surprisingly escalation - Judge Fear, Judge Fire, and Jud... [read on]
Monday 11th June 2012
Judgement is coming!
September couldn’t come soon enough, but Earthlets excited about the impending release of the new DREDD movie have had their first glimpse of the official movie poster. Showing the eponymous lawman semi-shrouded in darkness, the poster gives the first look at ... [read on]
Wednesday 30th May 2012
Red or Dead
This week’s 2000 AD Prog 1785 marks the return of Durham Red to the pages of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic Book, in her new story ‘The “Nobody Wants This Job” Job.’ Created in 1987 by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Carlos Ezquerra, Durham Red was introduced to Strontium... [read on]
Wednesday 30th May 2012
The Bitch is Back!
She’s the bounty hunter with bite, the one and only Strontium Bitch - and she’s back in the pages of 2000 AD this week! Durham Red, the bounty hunter whose mutation gives her a vampiric lust for blood, is back and this time she’s bloodier than ever. Beginning in Prog 1784... [read on]
Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Rising sun, flaming dinosaur
From The Land That Time Forgot to The Land of the Rising Sun, the House of Tharg is ablaze with Thrill-power this week as 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine both hit newsstands and digital! In Prog 1784, the plan may be to unleash Gorehead on New New York, but the beast has di... [read on]
Wednesday 16th May 2012
Block War!
The situation is critical. Mega-City One is in flames. Can the Judges turn the city’s fate around? Prog 1783 lands today in the UK, Earthlets; and Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction by John Wagner and Henry Flint continues to pile the pressure onto Justice Department... [read on]
Wednesday 16th May 2012
Get your trousers on, Lucifer - you're nicked!
Absalom: Ghosts of London Written by: Gordon Rennie Art by: Tiernen Trevallion ISBN: 978-1-78108-042-9 Price: £10.99 Pages: ... [read on]
Wednesday 16th May 2012
Biff! Bam! Kapow!
2000 AD is going Kapow! this weekend as the droids descend on the London convention. Held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London for a second year, the event taking place on 19th and 20th May will be veritably throbbing with Thrill-power thanks to our booth filled with... [read on]
Tuesday 15th May 2012
Madness, alien mercenaries, and a goldfish...
Judge Dredd: The Day The Law Died Written by: John Wagner Art by: Mick McMahon, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Ron Smith ISBN: 978-1-78108-009-2 Price: £6.99 Pages: ... [read on]