Tuesday 11th December 2012
The Twelve Days of Thargmas: Day One
On the first day of Christmas, Tharg the Mightygave to me... one epic time-travel back to Camelot, where evil and darkness take the land! King Arthur loses a battle and gains a curse instead! Even Merlin’s magic can’t seem to save the day. So off goes Celtic bar... [read on]
Thursday 6th December 2012
Three stories. One epic conclusion.
It’s finally here, Earthlets – after weeks of anticipation and mind-blowing action, TRIFECTA has arrived! Prog 1812 features the culmination of weeks of build-up and months of planning as  JUDGE DREDD: THE COLD DECK, ... [read on]
Tuesday 4th December 2012
The only bear on the CIA death list!
This is no cute and cuddly polar bear. He’s a blizzard of white hot horror, the terror of the frozen wastes, he is SHAKO - and he is death! When a US Air Force plane crashes in the Arctic, the great white polar bear Shako gets his first taste of human flesh! Unfortu... [read on]
Friday 30th November 2012
Have a Zarjaz Christmas, Earthlets!
With Christmas just a few weeks away we’re topping off an incredible 12 months for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with the traditional bumper ‘end of year’ special - Prog 2013! For the first time, the digital edition of 2000 AD ... [read on]
Wednesday 21st November 2012
Bringing Mega-City justice to Gotham city
To celebrate the release of THE BATMAN JUDGE DREDD COLLECTION on 27th November, 2000 AD is delighted to announce an exclusive signing by two of the biggest names in British comics. As revealed exclusively through the 2000 AD Thrill-mail newsletter the other week, Sim... [read on]
Tuesday 20th November 2012
From Thought to deed!
The latest generation of talent put themselves before the steely gaze of The Mighty One during the artist portfolio competition at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds at the weekend. There could be only one winner as artists competed to win the honour of drawing a... [read on]
Wednesday 14th November 2012
This One’ll Kill ya!
Is Jack Point for the chop as Prog 1809 hits UK shelves and online? And will he sees the funny side as he gets fully initiated into the Church of Simpology in SIMPING DETECTIVE: JOKERS TO THE RIGHT by Simon Spurrier and Simon Coleby? Also: dissonance within Justice department is... [read on]
Friday 9th November 2012
All-Stars and Stripes
With work from some of the biggest names in comics today, the Fall/Spring graphic novel schedule for North America from 2000 AD is bursting with incredible stories and stunning artwork. After the release of DREDD 3D ... [read on]
Friday 9th November 2012
It’s the Thought that counts
The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic is heading north next week as it joins the cream of British comics at Thought Bubble 2012! The annual convention, held in Leeds, will be super Thrill-powered as it plays host to a cosmos of talent from 2000 AD, with special competitions... [read on]
Friday 9th November 2012
The kind of comic that reminds you of why you fell in love with comics in the first place
It’s the story that Comic Book Resources has described as “an instant classic” – last week’s Prog 1807 contained such an audacious twist that it’s got critics praising it and fans in a lather! We won’t spoil it for you, but once you read the whole story... [read on]