"Zombie-hunter Defoe returns in Prog 1836"
Seventeenth Century zombie hunter Titus Defoe returns next week for a brand new series in 2000 AD so pustulent and rotting that it will send you scurrying to the privy to evacuate yourself!

Defoe: The Damned by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher begins in Prog 1836!

And if you want to catch up on the 17th Century romp through the dark, stinking underbelly of an England infested with 'Reeks', the first two collections are available with 50% off in the 2000 AD shop - so check out Defoe 1666 and Queen of the Zombies for more horrific zombie-killing action!

2000 AD Prog 1836 will be on sale selected stores and digitally worldwide through the 2000 AD app or DRM-free in the 2000 AD online shop from Wednesday 5th June!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 28th May 2013