Dragon's Den Meets the Nerve Centre
Dragon's Den Meets the Nerve Centre
"2000 AD announces new talent search competition for November’s Thought Bubble convention"
Tharg the Mighty announces the first official 2000 AD convention portfolio session in years – culminating in a Dragons’ Den-style show off!

Thought Bubble is the UK’s largest annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superheroes to independent and small press comics. Thought Bubble 2011 will take place in Leeds with a centre-piece two day convention on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th.

2000 AD has teamed up with Thought Bubble to create a very special event for that weekend. Tharg demands that budding artists prove their worth before he will let them enter the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – a show of artistic prowess, as once mighty gladiators did wow the Roman mob (possinly)

To take part in the first Tharg’s Thrill Challenge, artists should view the free sample five-page script – the Terror Tale ‘Patch Pea Podlings’ by Arthur Wyatt – available on the Thought Bubble website, draw their own version of it, and bring their efforts to the Saturday portfolio sessions being held at the 2000 AD stall.

The six best efforts chosen by Tharg himself will then go before a panel on the Sunday, where some of 2000 AD’s top-name talent will pass judgement in front of a live audience!

Only the brave-hearted need apply, earthlets – dare you bring your wares before the searing gaze of Tharg the Mighty?!

*Please note, the portfolio sessions and Sunday event are open only to pages based on the script provided.

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 27th September 2011