Flight of Angels
Flight of Angels
"Prog 1757 hits UK stores!"
Praise be to Tharg the Mighty, earthlets – your seven day thrill-power fast is now at an end as Prog 1757 hits UK stores.

Things are heating up in ‘Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos’ by John Wagner and Henry Flint, when PJ Maybe puts the electoral candidates in the hot seat!

Face-to-face with an other-worldly monster, things are getting much worse for paranormal detective Ampney Crucis, as the alien reveals its sinister plot in 'The English Assassin' by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis.

Join the interdimensional tinkerers for a ride as they flash through the multiverse on the back of a dimension hopping Bewilderbeast in Indigo Prime ‘Anthropocalypse’ by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell.

No matter how far you run, you can’t ever escape the past – as Maggie Roth discovers. Learn the true origin story of ‘Angel Zero’ by Kek-W and John Burns

And in ‘Low Life: The Deal’ by Rob Williams and D’Israeli, all guns are pointing at Dirty Frank as he faces the Yakuza Boss now in charge of the Low Life.

Prog 1757 is now available from all good stockists in UK, priced £2.25, and as an individual issue from retailers in North America from 9 November.

Get your weekly dose of thrill-power, earthlets – Tharg wills it!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 26th October 2011