World Building!
World Building!
"Brass Sun goes system-wide as Prog 1806 hits stores and online!"
Where else could you find such cosmic greatness than in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Earthlets?! Nick Percival brings the station-master from BRASS SUN onto the front of this week’s Prog with masterful skill – hiding inside a galaxy of Thrills!

From writer Al Ewing and artist Henry Flint, Prog 1806 sees the beginning of a new Dredd story that could be a game changer for Big-Meg’s toughest Judge! In JUDGE DREDD: COLD DECK the lawman is tracking down a mysterious missing file in the wake of Chaos Day...

Meanwhile the simped-up private eye Jack Point is undercover, walking the streets of Angeltown dressed as a clown. Follow him in THE SIMPING DETECTIVE: JOKERS TO THE RIGHT writer by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Simon Coleby. Elsewhere Dirty Frank is still trying to figure out where the hell he is as he is introduced to his new partner in crime, a business shark in LOW LIFE: SAUDADE written by Rob Williams with art by D’Israeli. Wren is just beginning her journey on the rails in BRASS SUN: THE WHEEL OF WORLDS by Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard. And finally Hammerstein is coming close to the end of his mission in ABC WARRIORS: RETURN TO EARTH by Pat Mills and Clint Langley.

Prog 1806 available online, in UK stores and through the 2000 AD iOS app – hark Tharg’s clarion call Earthlets!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 24th October 2012