2000 AD Prog 1748
2000 AD Prog 1748
"Cocked, locked and ready to rock"
2000 AD prog 1748 hits newsstands today!

The plot thickens in Judge Dredd as the judges desperately hunt for those behind the growing deadly conspiracy , Savage takes a stroll at the sea-side (just a shame about the all those Volgs trying to kill him), trigger-happy gunsharks Sinister Dexter blaze a trail on their multiverse-saving mission, things go stir-crazy as Zombo tries to find a way to stop the giant and now-quite-mad Obmoz, and the pulse-pounding Tharg’s 3riller: Wolves reaches its climax in the claustrophobic forests of Eastern Europe.

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Michael Molcher

Wednesday 24th August 2011