Fighting Dirty!
Fighting Dirty!
"Showdown on the Shikokuchūō express in Prog 1761!"
It’s another shoot-em-first-ask-questions-later edition of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, earthlets. How can you bear to be without this quintet of thrills?!?!

As the judges close in on their target, are they missing the connections right under their noses in Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: The Assassination List?

Hired hitmen in a whole heap of Mr. Hankey, Finny Sinister and Ray Dexter, are back, but the dung’s deeper than ever as they continue their quest to repair the interdimensional damage of the reality-hopping crime lords in Sinister Dexter: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

Speaking of which, Spacesick Steve may have been found, but the operatives of Indigo Prime are about the find themselves in a whole load of time-warping trouble in Indigo Prime: Anthropocalypse!

Maggie Roth is trapped in a ship’s engine room with another Angel – can she survive without the technology her opponent possesses in spades? Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns continues...

SERIES FINALE! Dirty Frank has found his friend Aimee Nixon … but are they even friends anymore? I guess the strangling-eachother maybe gives it away. It’s all aboard for the final episode of Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D’Israeli!

Prog 1761. £2.25. Out TODAY in UK stores and on 7th December in North America.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 23rd November 2011