Cover Story: Tharg's Terror Tales
Cover Story: Tharg's Terror Tales
"Batman artist Frazer Irving evokes Hammer Horror this Hallowe'en with spine-chilling cover for collection of terrifying stories"
Move over Crypt Keeper - there's a new master of horror in town!

Tharg the Mighty, alien editor of British institution 2000 AD®, prepares to send chills down your spine in this special US-only Hammer Horror-influenced cover by Batman artist, Frazer Irving.

Collecting the stories Necronauts by Gordon Rennie and A Love Like Blood by John Smith - both drawn by Irving - this book of bowel-busting horror from the pages of 2000 AD will hits stores in time for Hallowe'en.

Necronauts sees legendary escapologist Harry Houdini, horror writer HP Lovecraft and writer-turned-paranormal-investigator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tackle a terror from beyond the veil of reality, while A Love Like Blood is Romeo-and-Juliet-meets-werewolves-and-vampires in a blood-soaked tale of dynastic violence.

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said:
"Necronauts and A Love Like Blood are two of the creepiest stories ever to appear in 2000 AD, so it's fitting that not only is this first US edition coming out in time for Hallowe'en but that the great cover by Frazer Irving should appeal to all fans of Hammer Horror and old EC Comics.
"The Mighty Tharg, the alien who edits 2000 AD, would easily put the Cryptkeeper, Vault Keeper or Old Witch to shame, and with this collection of Cthulu-inspired nastiness and werewolves versus vampires, Tharg's Terror Tales will be the perfect accompaniment to your Hallowe'en."

Michael Molcher

Monday 23rd May 2011