Chariots of Ire!
Chariots of Ire!
"Boudicca leads the fight back in Prog 1797 – available worldwide NOW!"
The River Thames runs red as 2000 AD Prog 1797 arrives in stores, online, and in our new app!

A Roman-rending cover from Aquila artist Leigh Gallagher leads the charge as the slave-turned-legionary searches for answers amidst the burning streets of Londinium in Aquila: Blood of the Iceni by Gordon Rennie.

Elsewhere, after the Day of Chaos guns are flooding the streets of Mega-City One and the Judges are doing everything they can to stamp out the dealers in Judge Dredd: Heavy Ordnance by Michael Carroll, Smudge, and Chris Blythe. We begin a new series of Tharg’s 3rillers with newcomer Tom Taylor providing the words and Jon Davis-Hunt providing the art in this tale of battling mega-meks. Desperate times call for desperate measures in The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael and the Dead Left in his Wake: Manhunt by Rob Williams, Antonio Fuso, and Peter Doherty. And the con is on in Lenny Zero: Zero’s Seven by Andy Diggle and Ben Willsher.

Prog 1797 is available NOW in stores in the UK and online. How can you live with this amount of Thrill-power, Earthlets?!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 22nd August 2012