She is Legend
She is Legend
"Post-apocalyptic werewolves series, Age of the Wolf, to return to 2000 AD"
On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 10 Judges judging, 9 Pre Cogs calling, 8 Script Droids-a-scribbling, 7 Nonscrots converting, 6 Squaxx Dek Thargo singing, 5 Galactic Groats, 4 Strontium Dogs, 3 Dictators of Zrag, 2 Art Droids and a Mek-Quake chewing on me.

The end of this year draws near, earthlets. So what does Tharg have in store for you in 2012? Stand by for more details of the zarjaz stories coming up in the next few months, but here’s a taster of the return of post-apocalyptic werewolves series, Age of the Wolf.

Lycanthrope-hunting heroine Rowan Morrigan is to return to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic in February 2012 in Age of the Wolf: She is Legend.

It is the second chapter in the fast-moving fantasy series – in which a spellbound moon has turned half the earth’s population into ravenous werewolves – by writer Alec Worley (Dandridge, Six Brothers) and Eagle Award-nominated artist Jon Davis-Hunt (Judge Dredd, Transformers), and it stars one of the strongest female characters to emerge from 2000 AD in recent years: a reluctant action heroine who’s more than a match for the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

London has become a primordial forest in which surviving humans are being hunted to extinction. And there are worse things than lycanthropes lurking among the overgrown ruins of the city. The fortified remains of Buckingham Palace have been taken over by a ruthless gang of slavers, the Skinners: Harry, a hulking neo-Nazi with a sinister secret, his sister Kate, a sadistic huntress with a score to settle, and their merciless matriarch ‘Granny’.

While the forest community face slavery or death, the only thing standing in the Skinners’ way is a mysterious red-haired woman known among those she protects as ‘Little Red Robin Hood.’

With this and more thrill-drenched series launching in 2000 AD over the coming year, now’s the perfect time to jump aboard and buy this year’s 100-page Christmas special.

Prog 2012 features a circuit-shattering line-up of seasonal thrills including classic titles Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nikolai Dante and Sinister Dexter, alongside stories from newcomers Dandridge and Absalom. This issue also sees the launch of two brand new thrills: sci-fi drama Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson, and ancient Roman action fantasy Aquila by Gordon Rennie and Leigh Gallagher.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 21st December 2011