"Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing’s Zaucer of Zilk touches down in Prog 1775…"
On the fringes of the imagination, there is the realm of Zilk.

Ruled over by the Zultan, figurehead of the Zilk dynasty, it’s a world where science and magic meet – and none is more powerful, or more famous, than the Zaucer himself. Vain, arrogant and accustomed to his celebrity status, he’s the wizard of the royal court – and many would like to see him removed permanently...

The genius of Brendan McCarthy combines with the mastery of Al Ewing to produce The Zaucer of Zilk – a brand new thrill stuffed full of wonder!

This is Prog 1775, Earthlets – 32 pages of brain-exploding amazingness that will leave you stunned, shaken and staggered!

As the Statue of Justice crumbles and falls, chaos descends and the conspiracy becomes clearer. Where does this leave the Judges’ efforts to stock the deadly doomsday virus from sweeping across the city? Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction by John Wagner and Henry Flint continues!

In the Cretaceous Period, no-one is safe. While the Trans-Time cowboys try to save a herd destined for the tables of the future, a deadly old adversary rears its gory head in Flesh: Midnight Cowboys by Pat Mills and James McKay.

In the post-apocalyptic London of 2026, ten years since the world first found itself living under a permanent full moon, Rowan Morrigan finds that there are worse things than werewolves in Age of the Werewolf II: She is Legend by Alec Worley and Jon Davis-Hunt.

As his mother, Katarina, receives a fitting funeral, the weight of responsibility bears heavily on Dante’s shoulders. But there are still those who refuse to accept defeat in Nikolai Dante: The Dante Gambit by Robbie Morrison and John Burns.

Prog 1775 is out in the UK today and in North America on 4th April. Mind-bending magnificence for just £2.35!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 21st March 2012