Cover me impressed!
Cover me impressed!
"Exclusive D'Israeli process video from 2000 AD Covers Uncovered"

Forget all the fuss in Rome, Tharg the Mighty and D'Israeli unveil the new Pope of Crime over at 2000AD Covers Uncovered!

This week's Prog 1824 sees the return of London's criminal kingpin, the enigmatic Stickleback, who was last seen plunging to his apparent death into the waters of the River Thames.

As ever, art droid D'Israeli has been meticulous with his detail, sharing his preliminary ideas, sketches and exquisite detail of every step of this scrotnig cover's creation. He has included tutorials of Magna Studio, Photoshop and Corel Draw as well as a brilliant instructional video demonstrating how he achieves his wonderfully atmospheric grot textures - truly zarjaz!

Head over to to find out more! All hail the new pope of crime!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 20th March 2013