Green Death on the Red Planet!
Green Death on the Red Planet!
"Gorgeous ABC Warriors wraparound cover for Prog 1801 - out TODAY!"
The ABC Warriors are kicking Martian backside and taking names in a stunning wraparound cover from series artist Clint Langley as Prog 1801 hits UK stores and online TODAY, Earthlets!

In ABC WARRIORS: RETURN TO EARTH by Pat Mills and Clint Langley, the warriors are reunited on Mars but how long will they stay together and what is Hammerstein’s dark secret?

Elsewhere this Prog, with the city still tearing itself apart not even the judges are immune from a little rivalry in JUDGE DREDD: PAYBACK by Michael Carroll and PJ Holden. It may be too late for her father but does Wren hold the key to the world's salvation in BRASS SUN: THE WHEEL OF WORLDS by Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard. The ETC are trying to navigate a rather problematic diplomatic situation in GREY AREA: THIS ISLAND EARTH by Dan Abnett and Lee Carter and in the latest THARG’S TERROR TALE, John Smith and Edmund Bagwell introduce us to the horrors of drink driving!

Prog 1801 – available on UK newsstands, online, and through the 2000 AD Apple Newsstand app TODAY.

This your future, Earthlets. Be prepared.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 19th September 2012