They Know If You’ve Been Naughty...
They Know If You’ve Been Naughty...
"Double discount deal on Absalom and Ampney! "
On the seventh day of Christmas, Tharg the Mighty gave to me... Absalom: Ghosts of London and Ampney Crucis Investigates...Vile Bodies – a double dose of sinister plots from both ends of the British class system for just £8 each!

Five-hundred years ago the English told Hell to behave, and in present-day London demons are put back in line by Detective Harry Absalom and his team. Terminally ill but unnaturally alive, Harry takes on both the Establishment and Satan’s minions in Gordon Rennie’s grim and gritty demonic version of Life on Mars!

And in a world of otherworld entities and high society, Lord Ampney Crucis investigates curious going-ons with his butler, Eddie, as ethereal schemes and strange goings on can be wrapped up with time for tea and tiffin!

Get both books for the zarjaz price of just £8 each!

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 18th December 2012