New merchandise gets the ‘Tharg the Mighty’ stamp of approval!
New merchandise gets the ‘Tharg the Mighty’ stamp of approval!
"2000 AD© is delighted to announce a deal with Titan Merchandise to produce a range of brand new merchandise from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic"
The deal gives Titan a three-year worldwide licence to produce 2000 AD-based products, including T-shirts, hoodies, travel pass holders, giftware and homeware.

These products will focus on characters across 2000 AD’s pantheon from 35 years of high-octane SF and fantasy thrills.

Titan Merchandise produce a wide variety of uniquely creative merchandise across global properties such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Kick-Ass and Marvel Comics – their 2000 AD range will be available through worldwide retail outlets, online retailers and the UK’s Forbidden Planet chain of cult entertainment stores.

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said: “For 35 years, 2000 AD has brought us some of the most striking icons of British comics – everything from Judge Dredd’s badge to the comic’s changing logo.
“Now, thanks to Titan Merchandise, faithful readers can show that they are true Squaxx dek Thargo by purchasing Tharg-approved products.
“No traffic warden will dare give you a ticket and no thief will want to make off with your buss pass when they see the stamp of Thrill-power!”

Andrew Sumner, director of Titan Merchandise, said: “2000 AD has been on the cutting edge of the British comics industry since I bought my first thrill-powered copy in February 1977. To most people, including me, it IS the British comics industry. It’s a real privilege for Titan Merchandise to be producing the range of inventive, quality 2000 AD products that Tharg the Mighty and his mind-blowing legion of iconic characters deserve.”

Michael Molcher

Thursday 15th September 2011