The Walking Dredd?
The Walking Dredd?
"Has the future lawman bitten off more than he can chew when he meets The Walking Dead?! "
Judge Dredd has always been a comic book with bite – but has the future lawman bitten off more than he can chew when he meets The Walking Dead?!
Out on a mission in The Cursed Earth, Dredd gets bitten by a zombie... but the consequences are not what you'd expect!

Based on a concept by artist renowned artist Brendan McCarthy (Rogan Gosh, Spider-Man: Fever) and written by rising star writer Rob Williams (Cla$$war, The Iron Age), The Walking Dredd brings the legendary lawman from the pages of 2000 AD® to shuffling half-life.

The one-off tale will be published in Judge Dredd Megazine issue 311, out in the UK on May 25th and in the US a month later.

Brendan McCarthy said:
"Awash in a sea of zombie comics and movie and cable TV shows, I thought it would be interesting to examine the effects on Judge Dredd from a zombie bite! This is my second Dredd after a 20 year hiatus (I just popped out to get some milk and got waylaid...) and I'm starting to get a feel for a new digital style for 2000 AD: Drawn in Superdigidelic Zombiescope."

Rob Williams said:
"It's a major thrill for me to be working with a talent like Brendan McCarthy, both because of his classic 2000 AD lineage and for what he's brought to the pages of this strip. The collaborative aspect of creating a comic is always exciting - as a writer you might see the visuals one way but an artist always puts their own stamp on things. But Brendan's pages are simply like nothing else out there. There's a vibrant punk energy about them that seems to contain all that's edgy and thrilling about 2000 AD at its best. Plus, we've got a great ticking clock thriller where Judge Dredd, once bitten, has to walk back to Mega City One and its zombie vaccine before he completely turns into the most terrifying flesh eater of all time. A zombie Judge Dredd? What's not to like?"

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said:
"It’s a pleasure to have Brendan McCarthy back in 2000 AD and this strip has it all – his trademark art style combined with a brilliant concept and a great script from Rob Williams. Who needs shuffling zombies when you’ve got The Walking Dredd?"

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 13th April 2011