A Loaded Magazine!
A Loaded Magazine!
"Prog 1755 out today!"
Five high-explosive slugs of organ-rupturing Thrill-power, Prog 1755 powers into stores today like a bullet from a Lawgiver.

‘Day of Chaos’ continues for Judge Dredd, courtesy of John Wagner and Henry Flint, as the mayoral elections rumble closer and PJ Maybe nefarious plans gather pace.

Trapped in a nightmarish otherworld, Ampney Crucis learns more about the dimension from which he must escape in ‘The English Assassin’ by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis.

Maggie Roth goes head to head with Tony Suharto’s goons as the net tightens in Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns.

There’s terror on the streets of Hondo City as Dirty Frank uses a Yakuza boss as a Kaiju monster enema in Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D’Israeli.

And Bob Byrne unleashes another dark and troublesome Twisted Tale as online avatars turn deadly!

Prog 1755 is available from all good stockists in UK today, priced £2.25, and as an individual issue from retailers in North America from 26 October.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 12th October 2011