They are here - on your wall!
They are here - on your wall!
"Dark Judges teaser posters now available to buy!"
They came. They saw. They burnt/rotted/terrified!

As John Wagner has systematically thrown everything at the Big Meg in Day of Chaos, the return of the Dark Judges to the world of Judge Dredd was the most surprisingly escalation - Judge Fear, Judge Fire, and Judge Mortis were unleashed to wreak havoc as part of the dastardly plot by Sov agents hell-bent on destroying Mega-City One.

A teaser campaign slowly revealed to readers that the terrible threesome were set to returns, and now 2000 AD is offering fans the chance to adorn the walls of their domiciles with three brand new posters showing the individual Dark Judges towering over the city that they have terrorised for the first time in more than 15 years!

For just £5 each, or all three for £10, you can nail* the Dark Judges to your wall!

*other wall fixings are available

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 12th June 2012