Great stories come in small packages
Great stories come in small packages
"2000 AD announces new ‘b-format’ range of Judge Dredd books"
One of the greatest Judge Dredd stories ever told in the pages of 2000 AD® is being repackaged – but even a pocket-sized judge still packs a punch!

With the 35th anniversary of Dredd’s first appearance taking place in the same year that Karl Urban is set to bring the Lawman of the Future back to the silver screen, 2000 AD is putting classic tales into a ‘B format’ book.
The first in the series, the controversial The Cursed Earth, will be released in the UK on February 2 next year.

Written by Pat Mills and John Wagner, and with artwork from Mick McMahon and Brian Bolland, The Cursed Earth sees Judge Dredd cross the ravaged landscape of the radioactive Cursed Earth on a mission of mercy to deliver vaccine to plague-ravaged Mega City Two.

The first Dredd ‘mega-epic’ storyline, The Cursed Earth sees Dredd and his comrades battling killer dinosaurs, flying rats and the last president of the United States of America – ‘Mad’ Bob Booth! It became infamous after its parodies of well known advertising figures, such as Ronald McDonald and the Jolly Green Giant, resulted in a lawsuit. The episodes remain banned to this day.

The 198mm x 129mm format is a great way for new readers to get all-time classic Dredd stories at an amazing price – just £6.99 – with more unmissable stories planned.

The new edition size is the same as the best-selling Persepolis B-format paperback, and close to the size used by many Manga books.

2000 AD remains committed to full-size graphic novels, but following the excellent response to prototype editions from readers and trade buyers, as well as positive reaction to the new Tharg’s Future Shocks available to new 2000 AD subscribers, the legendary British comic is running the new format in addition to its well-established GN schedule.

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD, said: “These beautifully designed, attractively priced books are perfect for the mass market, and ideal for the new reader as a concentrated hit of super-condensed Thrill-power. One complete Judge Dredd mega-epic in your hands for £6.99 – it's a steal, creep!”

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 11th October 2011