She knows what you’re drinking!
She knows what you’re drinking!
"Judge Anderson design is one of two zarjaz new mugs!"
Judge Anderson Pint Coffee Mug

Guard your tea breaks against Thrill-sucker infestation with two brand new limited edition Liquid Refreshment Devices (LRDs) from the 2000 AD store

Allowing you to quaff up to a pint of your preferred beverage, for the paltry price of just £10 each you can receive the latest in liquid refreshment technology from the deep vault sweatshops of Gliese 581(c)!

Choose from designs featuring Judge Anderson and Judge Dredd, each with its own little surprise for when you finish drinking!

Don’t delay – keep your tea breaks 100% Thrillsucker free with the latest merchandise from the House of Tharg!

*LRDs are dishwasher safe, but H&SBot-01 recommends hand washing to best preserve print and prevent fading.

Michael Molcher

Tuesday 11th September 2012