Get lost in an amazing, fantastical world
Get lost in an amazing, fantastical world
"The stunning Mazeworld is collected for the first time…"
A comic book, a fantastical nightmare, a story of redemption, a work of art: Mazeworld is the most stunning graphic novel you will read this year...

Even in a title known for stretching boundaries, Mazeworld remains one of the most stunningly inventive and breathtaking stories ever to have appeared in legendary British anthology comic 2000 AD®.

Inspired by the story of a murderer comic books luminary Alan Grant met while in prison, faceless Adam Cadman is executed for the death of his brother. But a botched hanging transports him to the bizarre Mazeworld, a chimerical cloud-top citadel of convoluted mazes ruled over by treacherous warlords.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 9th November 2011