"2000 AD Prog 1750 is the perfect start for new readers"
Want to get onboard with the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic but don’t know when to start?

Prog 1750 is the perfect jumping on point for those new to Thrill-power or old acolytes looking to return. This issue, available in the UK TODAY and the US next month, includes four BRAND NEW stories including:

After being stabbed in the neck by the mysterious assassin Nadia, Judge Dredd is left silent but not without a voice as Mega City One faces up to the reality of those behind the conspiracy. But who really is plotting the downfall of the Big Meg, and why do they harbour a grudge 30 years in the making? Words by John Wagner and art by Henry Flint.

There’s 1920s action with gentleman dandy Ampney Crucis, by Ian Edginton and Simon Davies, who finds himself in a inglorious prison cell. But when one has endured Aunt Milly’s apple crumble, no amount of torture will loosen THIS British stiff-upper-lip.

Meet Dirty Frank. Except he’s not undercover operative Dirty Frank anymore. He’s Judge Frank. Shorn, washed and suited, Frank faces the inquisition of his superiors in Rob Williams and D’Israeli’s Low Life.

And it’s the stunning return of John Smith’s incomparable Indigo Prime, illustrated by Edmund Bagwell. The time-travelling technicians of the multiverse face an uphill struggle trying to get a new recruit to accept the reality – or lack of it – of his new situation.

Prog 1750. £2.25 from all good newsagents and comic book shops.

Join Tharg’s minions now, earthlets. You’ll never leave.

Michael Molcher

Thursday 8th September 2011