Dredd on Fire!
Dredd on Fire!
"Blazing Henry Flint cover to Prog 1763 – out today!"
Phew! Is it warm in here or is it m…

It’s hot stuff on the cover of 2000 AD Prog 1763, out today in the UK, thanks to this flammable cover from top art droid Henry Flint! Inside, while in her catatonic state Precog Carter can’t speak but she has given the judges all the clues they need to bust the Sov Agent hiding among them – Will they work it out before he can silence her forever? Judge Dredd: The Assassination List continues…

In Sinister Dexter: Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, by Dan Abnett and Anthony Williams, Finny and Ray are taking Deeds down but will she be ready for them?

Meanwhile, a little advice – free riding through the multiverse may cause severe time friction burns! Don’t say you weren’t warned, earthlets! Indigo Prime: Anthropocalyse by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell concludes with a nasty surprise for Danny…

And in the double-sized finale of Angel Zero by Kek-W and John Burns, will Maggie Roth be the Angel of Mercy? Or with the Angel’s blood lust will she merely destroy every trace and person in the Initiative?

Prog 1763. Out today in the UK and in the US on 21st December. £2.25 Earth money. Careful you don’t burn yourselves, earthlets.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 7th December 2011