Not-so-happy Father’s Day!
Not-so-happy Father’s Day!
"Dmitri gives Nikolai Dante a hand in Prog 1773"
Awwww, what could be more touching that an estranged father and son getting to know each other better? Well, when that father is Dmitri Romanov and the son is Nikolai Dante, you know it’s going to be a bloody reunion…

Will Dmitri be finally brought to vengeance for his crimes in the dying moments of The Wedding of Jena Makarov by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, and what will be the terrible price?

Also in this prog:

The election may be postponed but that doesn’t mean the Sov’s plans are off. The Judges continue to track down Borisenko’s agents in Day of Chaos by John Wagner and Henry Flint.

Rowan has an unexpected – and very unwelcome – admirer in Age of the Wolf II by Alec Worley and Jon Davis-Hunt.

Life’s a bitch when a naked colleague is pointing their gun at you – Grey Area by Dan Abnett and Lee Carter continues.

Meanwhile in our latest What If…? Story, we ask – what if Cassandra Anderson had never become a Judge? Alan Grant and Robin Smith question which is easier for someone with psychic powers – patrolling the mean streets of the Big Meg or raising a family?

Prog 1773 hits newsstands in the UK today, Earthlets. 32 pulse-pounding pages of pure Thrill-power for a mere £2.35!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 7th March 2012