Three stories. One epic conclusion.
Three stories. One epic conclusion.
"This is TRIFECTA - Prog 1812 OUT NOW!"

It’s finally here, Earthlets – after weeks of anticipation and mind-blowing action, TRIFECTA has arrived! Prog 1812 features the culmination of weeks of build-up and months of planning as  JUDGE DREDD: THE COLD DECK, SIMPING DETECTIVE: JOKERS TO THE RIGHT, and LOW LIFE: SAUDADE come together in a single Prog-spanning episode that sees the plot and counter-plot finally exposed.

Will nefarious Judge Bachmann’s plot to create a new God City come to fruition? Will Jack Point survive this brave new world? And will Dirty Frank drown in his own blood?

This is the story they’ve all been talking about – as well as an intriguing series of teaser images, Bleeding Cool has called it “a magnificent blockbuster of a comic, as “widescreen” as any modern-day super-hero comics” while Forbidden Planet said it was “seriously brilliant”. Find out what the hype is all about: read our free prologue episode from Prog 1802 and then download the most talked about 2000 AD crossover event in years.

Available in print and online, this is Prog 1812 and it is epic...

Michael Molcher

Thursday 6th December 2012