Foreign Bodies!
Foreign Bodies!
"Prog 1754 hits stores TODAY..."
Behind the thin tissue of reality lie horrors beyond our understanding and terrors beyond our sanity.

This is Prog 1754, earthlets. Abandon all hope ye who enter here...

Paranormal detective Ampney Crucis finds himself through the dimensional gate and into a whole heap of trouble in the latest instalment of 'The English Assassin' by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis. Will his Russian captors survive in this hellish vision of our world, or will it claim him like so much flesh?

With the judges closing in, mass murderer PJ Maybe hunts for a hiding place – and it looks like he’s found one, but will the current occupier survive the ordeal?! ‘Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos’ by John Wagner and Henry Flint continues.

Maggie Roth is discovering that escape is merely a word as she is hunted down in the latest episode of 'Angel Zero' by Kek-W and John Burns.

What do you do when you find yourself in Japan hunting for your friend who’s been kidnapped by sinister forces? That’s right, you enter a sumo competition – but one where the competitors are giant monsters? Undercover Judge Dirty Frank just goes with the gooey flow in Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D'Israeli.

And is this the ULTIMATE Future Shock? Read it and find out if Simon Spurrier and Jon Davis-Hunt have achieved this most lofty of ambitions…

Prog 1754 is £2.25 and available from all good stockists of thrill-power in the UK today, and as an individual issue from retailers in North America from 19th October.

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 5th October 2011