He IS the Law!
He IS the Law!
"Prepare to be judged as Prog 1799 lands and DREDD 3D hits the big screen!"
The wait is almost over, Earthlets! DREDD 3D hits cinema screens in the UK THIS FRIDAY!

And to celebrate Prog 1799 – OUT TODAY - comes with a zarjaz DREDD movie cover, showing Karl Urban as the grimacing lawman of the future!

Inside, in the aftermath of Day of Chaos how far will the Judges go to regain control of Mega-City One? The plan has far reaching consequences for Judge Dredd in Innocent by Rob Williams and Laurence Campbell. It's looks like Lenny's band of renegades have pulled off the heist of the century but will his crew say true in Lenny Zero Zero's Seven by Andy Diggle and Ben Willsher? Meanwhile, sticking together could be the only key to victory in Tharg's Thrillers Presents 15 by Tom Taylor and Jon Davis-Hunt. Aquila: Blood of The Inceni by Gordan Rennie and Leigh Gallagher ends in battle and blood while Ichabod goes against the grain in The Grevious Journey of Ichabod Azrael (and the Dead left in his Wake): Manhunt by Rob Williams and Dom Reardon.

Prog 1799 is OUT NOW on UK newsstands, online through the 2000 AD shop, and via our Apple Newsstand App – justice is coming, Earthlets!

Michael Molcher

Wednesday 5th September 2012