2000 AD'S Intergalactic Store Sale...2
2000 AD'S Intergalactic Store Sale...2
"Our official online store goes into it's next zarjaz phase! Grab a bargain while stocks last!"

My zarjaz New Year Shop Sale has proven a roaring success, and despite the protestations of my feverishly busy packing droids – whose diodes are in danger of blowing out from the amount of orders being placed by Thrill-hungry Squaxx with a keen eye for a bargain – I have decreed that the mega-sale shall continue, with prices lowered even further on selected items. Pick up a back issue of 2000 AD or an Extreme Edition for a mere 50p each! Graphic novels start at just £3 each! Action figures are just £3 each! But hurry, Terrans – stock is very low on certain products, so grab them now while you can.

UK postage has been capped at a circuit-staggering £6.00, no matter how extensive your order, so spend those groats now, Earthlets, and take advantage of my ghafflebette beneficence!

Visit the store now!

Tharg The Mighty

Friday 3rd February 2012