Day of Chaos catch-up
Day of Chaos catch-up
"Get the lowdown on Dredd’s current mega-epic!"

After the mayor of Mega-City One was found to actually be the psychotic mass murderer PJ Maybe, Mega-City One prepared for a mayoral election. But a young cadet in the Judges’ special psychic division began having premonitions of an impending ‘Day of Chaos’ that would happen during the election.


Meanwhile, Russian terrorists seeking to avenge Dredd’s annihilation of East-Meg One during the Apocalypse War bring 25 years of plotting to fruition. Kidnapping a Mega-City One scientist who developed a deadly virus, they plan to unleash it on the unsuspecting population. After discovering the plot, Dredd’s call to nuke the scientist, his family, and the terrorists is ignored and the terrorists escape.


The Judges discover that Sov agents have infiltrated the city, including the heart of Justice Department. As Dredd and his team desperately try to catch them, in a cunning web of separate attacks they come under fire from all sides as home-grown terrorists attack even the Grand Hall of Justice itself. Meanwhile, Sov agents infected with the virus find their way into Mega-City One, despite a city-wide quarantine.


When the virus begins to spread, the Judges put the city in lockdown and urge sufferers to come forward “for treatment”. All seems quiet until Judge Haldane – secretly a Sov agent – leaks information that the disease is incurable and the Judges are preparing mass burial pits. And all hell breaks loose.

There is, however, one final and lethal twist to Haldane and the Sovs’ plot…


Want to get the back issues? Read the whole of Day of Chaos:

The Further Dasterdly Deeds of PJ Maybe (prologue story) - art by Colin MacNeil, in 2000 AD #1740–1742

Day of Chaos: Nadia - art by Ben Willsher, in 2000 AD #1743–1749, with two episodes in #1749

Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction - art by Henry Flint, in 2000 AD #1750–1751

Day of Chaos: Downtime - written by Michael Carroll, art by Ben Willsher, in 2000 AD #1752

Day of Chaos: Elusive - art by Henry Flint, in 2000 AD #1753–1758

Day of Chaos: The Assassination List - art by Leigh Gallagher, in 2000 AD #1759–1764

Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction - art by Henry Flint, Ben Willsher and Colin MacNeil, in 2000 AD #1765–ongoing

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