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In the aftermath of an apocalyptic war, humanity shares the world with sentient robots and the population has fractured into countless tiny enclaves, each with their own customs and laws, linked only by the Sailrail network. Feuds and wars rage between these enclaves on a near-constant basis and human-robot animosity is on the rise.

Enter Jack Wardog, a man with a hole in his mind; he woke up one day with all his memories wiped and in their place, an explosive charge with a timer display had been bonded to his forehead. Now Jack works as a Bombhead, taking on suicide missions with near-impossible deadlines — and if he fails, the consequences are terminal!


Dan Abnett, Patrick Goddard, Dylan Teague

84 pages
Hardback, 8" x 12"
ISBN-10: 1904265146
First published: September, 2004

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