The Taxidermist

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Getting stuffed isn't easy

In Mega-City One, aged citizen Jake Sardini practices a delicate art. Human Taxidermy is a highly skilled craft and has been a sport in the Mega-Olympics for several decades. Saradini used to compete internationally and even won a bronze medal in the 2082 Mega-Olympiad, but that was years ago, when he was younger. In 2116 the Mega-Olympics on in Katmandu, Nepal. All the typi- cal sports of the 22nd century are represented : insulting, staring, housework, mountaineering, sex and of course Human Taxidemy. From the pages of 2000 AD!

The Taxidermist

John Wagner, Cam Kennedy Steve Dillon, Ian Gibson

144 pages
ISBN: 978-1-907519-84-0
First published: March, 2011

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