Sláine: Treasures of Britain



Sláine MacRoth – Celtic warrior and High King of the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu, has been summoned through time to the age of Camelot. King Arthur has fallen in battle and a curse has caused darkness to fall upon the kingdom. In order to heal the land, Merlin and Morgaine la Fee need Sláine (accompanied by his unfaithful sidekick Ukko the dwarf) to retrieve the lost 'Treasures of Britain' – magical artefacts also being sought out by the Saxon plunderer Hengwulf. These powerful items are defended by the demon-like Cyth who harvest human misery in order to revive their masters - the Dark Gods of Cythrawl!

Sláine: Treasures of Britain

Pat Mills, Dermot Power, Steve Tappin

128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-907992-97-1
First published: June, 2012

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