Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation

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Downlode is a future European megalopolis where crime is a way of life; gangsters like 'Holy' Moses Tannenbaum rule their respective portions of the city using hired enforcers known as 'gunsharks'. The two best 'sharks in Downlode — or so they'll tell you, anyway — are motor-mouthed, minigun-toting Finnegan Sinister and his partner, the ice-cool, pistol-packing Ramone Dexter. Need a problem solved with no fuss, no comebacks, and no corpses for the cops to find? Call the gun lovin' criminals!

When the boys fall head over heels for their boss' lover, the sultry nightclub singer Demi Octavo, they're drawn into a web of betrayal and murder that ultimately leads them to a very dangerous place indeed... the beach!

Written by Dan Abnett (Legion), this collection features art by Sinister Dexter co-creator David Millgate, Anthony Williams (The Unfunnies), Charles Gillespie, Simon Davis (JLA: Riddle of the Beast) and Henry Flint (Judge Dredd/Aliens).

Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation

Dan Abnett, Simon Davis, David Millgate, et al

128 pages
Paperback, 7½" x 10¼"
ISBN-10: 1904265162
ISBN-13: 978-1904265160
First published: September, 2004

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