Nikolai Dante: Sympathy For The Devil


For over fifteen years, Nikolai Dante – the swashbuckling ‘Hero of the Revolution’ – has been entertaining the readers of 2000 AD as he fought, thieved and loved his way through life in 27th-Century Russia. A long-running story of grand adventure which began in 1997 reaches its conclusion in 2012. one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters, Dante has become an iconic part of the British comics scene. In this final instalment of his epic story, Dante must escape from captivity in order to lead the Revolutionary army in its fi nal battle against his tyrannical father, the psychotic Dimitri Romanov.

Nikolai Dante has bonded with a cyborganic Weapons Crest, an alien combat computer, which allows him to extrude lethal bio-blades. Following the civil war, Dante is the most wanted man in the Empire. Now, he's battling for his life in Akita Sagawa's Pacifica stronghold against the lethal Dragon clones...

Sympathy For The Devil

Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser and John Burns

224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-78108-073-3
First published: October, 2012

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