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In 1928, the Leviathan, the largest cruise liner the world had ever seen, was launched, bound for New York, with a crew and passenger complement totalling nearly 30,000 people. It was never seen again.

Twenty years later, one of the remaining passengers, Detective Sergeant Lament, begins to investigate the mystery at the liner’s heart. What he discovers will change his world forever—but it might just bring the Leviathan home…

Includes an introduction by Ian Edginton, a sketch-book by D'Israeli, and three one-shots that provide further insight into the characters in the main story.


Ian Edginton and D'Israeli

112 pages
Paperback, 8" x 12"
ISBN: 97819075192
First published: October, 2006 (hardback, 96 pages)
Second edition: December, 2010 (paperback, 112 pages)

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